Blog Analysis

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


The purpose of the y Travel blog is to inform travel-hungry readers about different travel destinations. The two spouses and their young children travel on and off and share their experiences so others can indulge in that same euphoria. They easily appeal to readers by showing how easy it is to drop everything and travel, even with small kids and a small budget. They mention how everyone has an underlying hunger to travel and persuade readers they can do it too. In the specific post about their Grand Canyon Trip, I found it interesting that in a few comments people had picked up on their careful warnings of being safe while hiking. More specifically, they advise hiking in the morning and bringing enough water as well as voicing concerns for young men who began hiking while the sun was high with only a single water bottle. An interesting and humorous statistic was brought up in which mostly young males died while hiking because they overestimate their strength. I did not find this statistic surprising. During our own Jumpstart Grand Canyon Trip, I saw a few controversial things that certain males did to endanger their lives. Their motivation? Their ego.

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